Carole Oglesby

Carole Oglesby (USA)
Carole has received major merits within and beyond the USA for her years of dedication to supporting women and sport for over 40 years, since the 1970s, also enjoying life as an athlete and coach. Most recently her work has been acknowledged with a major award from the IOC. Her leadership in the ‘women and sport’ international community has been impressive over many years and continues today. Her long and continuing commitment and leadership to pursuing co-operation and continued development of international work for women and sport makes her a worthy winner of the International leadership Award. It is particularly pertinent for Carole because from 1972 – 75 she was on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts where Lynn Vendien was co-chairing a Women’s Physical Education Department with Betty Spears for a short time. These were her first mentors and Lynn Vendien guided Carole into international interests and her first international conference in Jyvaskyla Finland, which ensured she was ‘hooked’.