Feminist Response to COVID-19

DIVA for Equality FIJI is excited to be part of an informal feminist collective drawn from the networks of @Women_Rio20, @WGC_Climate and feminists working on women’s human rights and feminist development justice globally.

The collective has urgently developed and released a website that collects and shares feminist COVID19 resources. Coordinating volunteers are from WEDO, WECF, Equidad de Genero, Femnet through an extensive global feminist volunteer team: http://feministcovidresponse.com

How can you use this resource?
i) Read, discuss and share the feminist principles
ii)Search for responses by themes and countries
iii) Search for resources
iv) Contribute new/updated resources from feminists everywhere. Send to: feministresponse@wedo.org

FeministResponse #COVID19

Sharing feminist resources quickly in this urgent time of COVID19 response:
All women, all people, all human rights, social, economic, ecological and climate justice, everywhere.

More information: feministresponse@wedo.org