Awarded to individual members who have made a significant, sustained and outstanding contribution to the work of the Association.

Tansin Benn (England)
She first joined IAPESGW in 1973 at the World congress that took place in Iran, in that moment she was a student participating in dance demonstration. She has travelled extensively in a professional capacity on all continents of the world and she has had a particular input in many Middle East countries, for example Iran, Egypt, Oman, Libya, Syria, UAE and Qatar.

Tansin’s main focus of research has been on gender, cultural diversity, inclusion and ethnicity, specifically – increasing opportunities for Muslim girls and women to participate in physical education and sport. Publications have included books and articles in many academic and pedagogical journals on issues of inclusion, cultural diversity, gender, religion and ethnicity, learning and teaching in sport and physical education. She has been an advocate to promote the Acceptance and Respect Declaration that was the product of the Qatar Symposium on the history of women’s sport and NGOs. She coordinated the first book on Muslin Women in sport and recently she is one of the editors of the book Women and sport in Latin America.

She won a prestigious Leverhulme Research Fellowship award in 2008 to work with Women in Teacher Training for Physical Education in Oman. In 2011 she won the Philip Noel-Baker Research Award (ICSSPE), 2012 the Outstanding Contribution Award of the Muslim Women’s Sport Foundation (UK), and in 2013, the Women’s Sport Foundation (US) Darlene A. Kluka Women’s Sports and Physical Activity Research Award. She also developed a world-first customised, part-time post graduate study opportunity for international professional dancers of The Birmingham Royal Ballet Company with Birmingham University UK from 1997 – 2013. She is currently a volunteer with Age UK in the area of Ageing and Physical Activity.

She led IAPESGW, as its President, (2009–2013) and continued to support the Association as Chair of the Committee of Consultants on IAPESGW’s Executive Board (2013 – 2017).

Gertrud Pfister (Germany)
Gertrud Pfister has been a member, Executive Board member, and long-term active consultant with IAPESGW for over 25 years. In 1993, she headed the Association’s Committee of Consultants, and other examples of her contributions include co-authoring the 50 years Commemorative book ‘Honoring the Legacy, 50 years of IAPESGW’ 1949 – 1999’, with Ann Hall. She was a vital member of the Oman Symposium in 2008, which led to the ‘Accept and Respect’ declaration and was co-editor of the Routledge book that emerged from that event: ‘Muslim Women and Sport’. She was also key to the Alexandria University Symposium, Egypt, in 2010, and has represented the organisation in many ways, for example in a group workshop event in Tehran. Gertrud organised the first History of Women’s Sport Conference in Qatar in 2011 and recommended IAPESGW had an invited spot in that event as the first International Association to be established for girls and women. Other activities include the leadership of the Copenhagen Summer School for the PhD students where IAPESGW has been one of the organisations invited to recommend students. In this recent quadrennial Gertrud again ‘stepped up’ for IAPESGW as one of the co-editors of the Routledge Book ‘Women and Sport in Latin America’. Gertrud has been a recipient of the Dorothy Ainsworth Research Award and now her continued efforts for the Association have led to this Award of Honorary Life membership.