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Honors & Awards

We award individual members who have made significant, sustained and outstanding contributions to the work of the Association in the areas of scholarly research, demonstrated active leadership, a legacy of positive influence on the lives of girls and women through physical education or Sport Research, a member who has sustained a strong reputation in the field of Dance in Education, and an individuals who have over all outstanding contributions to the Association and its work or values.

Honorary Life Members

Honorary membership is given to members who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Association, and shall be for life.


Dorothy Ainsworth Award (Research)

The Dorothy Sears Ainsworth Award is awarded for outstanding scholarly work that has furthered the aims of the Association across the fields of Physical Education, Sport, Dance, and Physical Activity for girls and women.


Lynn Vendien Award (Leadership)

This award started in 1997 and is intended for members who have exhibited a leadership role in contributing to improving the quality of life of girls and women, through physical education and sport (e.g., integration; sport for all; service to the community, the women’s movement.)


Audrey Bambra Award (Legacy)

The Audrey Bambra Award was established to reward a member or group of members of the Association who has demonstrated commitment to the learning process and pedagogy, and have passed this on to others, whether locally, nationally or internationally, over a sustained period of time. The focus is on the legacy that such a commitment can leave.


Kluka Love Award for Young Researchers (Young Researcher)

This award is made during Congress events to the best young researcher presentation (under 35 years of age).


Chiyoe Matsumoto Dance Development Award (Dance in Education)

The Dance Development Award is for a person who has had a significant influence on others through prolonged service to Dance Education.


Margaret Talbot Award (President’s Award for Service to IAPESGW)

An award to be given at the discretion of the President for those members who have made an ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Association’.


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