Makoto Takahashi

Makoto Takahashi (Japan) 
Makoto has devoted herself entirely to gymnastics and dance for girls and women in communities since the 1960s. She is regarded as a pioneer of Japanese community dancing for all ages. The number of community dance leaders and teachers who have been taught by her across Japan is over 30,000.  

She began lecturing in 1970s, later becoming a Professor. She contributed for JAPEW including Vice President for many years. Here she persevere to widen the reach of dance education to include dance in the Community. She founded the Movement that led to the Japan Rhythm Movement  Leaders’ Association and since retiring she continues to lead a dance performance group (which we saw performing the first night) and exercise groups for older people. Her influence and achievements are enormous.  

She has attended IAPESGW Congress since 1980s. Her daughters – Roka Ida and Anri Tanaka, have followed her footsteps – bringing workshops and displays to IAPESGW events. Her vision and perseverance in bringing enjoyable movement experiences to Japanese communities has ensured a legacy that will continue to benefit the lives of girls and women for years to come.