Panel #4



Helena Altmann

State University of Campinas – UNICAMP – Campinas, Brazil
Helena Altman is an associate professor at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) in Brazil. She holds a degree in Physical Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1995), a master’s degree in Education from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (1998) and a PhD in Education from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (2005). At Unicamp, she is a professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and the Postgraduate Programme in Education. She was coordinator of the Student Support Service (SAE) (2017-2021) and coordinator of the GTT Gender of the Brazilian College of Sports Sciences (2015-2017). She has research experience and several publications in the area of education, physical education and sport, with emphasis on gender and sexuality. Integrates the Body and Education Research Group, linked to the Faculty of Physical Education, and the Focus Research Group, from the Faculty of Education.

Qu Luping

Qu Luping, teacher of Tianjin University of Sport, Ph.D., associate professor, master tutor, Postdoctoral Fellow in Physical Education. From 2013 to 2014, she was sent by the China Scholarship Council to Wayne State University in the United States as jointly trained doctoral students. Her main research interests are the process and regulation of sports training and the theory and method of physical education teaching. She was selected as the second level of 131 innovative people and the backbone innovative talents of young and middle-aged people in Tianjin. She presided over one national social science fund project, six provincial and ministerial-level projects, and published six academic books and more than 20 academic papers.

Brigitta Hoeger

She is university assistant at the Department of Education and Sports Culture at the University of Vienna, Austria. Her PhD focuses on body discourses in Physical Education. Brigitta Hoeger holds a teaching degree in Physical Education and English. Her research interests are in health education in the context of digitalisation and body and corporeality within PE.

Austrian Women‘s Platform Physical Education for Girls


Andrea Kraus, PhD.

Andrea Kraus is a lecturer at the Institute of Sport Science at the University of Vienna, Austria. She is a teacher in Physical Education and German and holds a PhD in Sport Science on the issue of „Self defence as a means of emancipation for girls“ (2020). As a lecturer at the University of Vienna she teaches „Gender-Sensitive Teaching in PE“ and „Self-Defence and Martial Arts“. She publishes several articles on gender issues in PE and sports and is member of the editorial board of the journal „Girls in PE“.

Rosa Diketmüller

Ass.Prof., PhD, University of Vienna, Austria

Rosa Diketmüller is assistant professor at the Institute of Sport Science, Department of Education and Sports Culture at the University of Vienna, Austria and is deputy director for the study programme directorate Sport Science. She holds a teaching degree in PE (1992) and a PhD in Sport Science in the field of sport geragogy (1997). Her teaching and research focus on sports pedagogy, gender, intersectional & intercultural studies as well as in health promotion for different target groups. She serves as board member in several national and international organizations and as vice president of IAPESGW, as a consultat e.g. for the Austrian ministry of sports or as a member of the European Expert Panel on sexual violence in sport. She is co-editor of the journal, Girls in PE“.