Poster presentation THURSDAY – room 1

10:00 – 11:00

Health through Physical Activity, Physical Education, Sport and Dance

Moderator: Kathy Ludwig and Yang Yue

Yang, Seo-Eun and Yi, Kyung-OckE5-112Differences in the Distribution of Foot Plantar Pressure During Walking According to the Type of Arm Swing in Women
Xu YongzhiE5-019Research on the Realization of Health through Sports Activities from the Perspective of Gender
Jin HaigangE5-024Association of Physical Activity, Static Activity and Equation-predicted Metabolic Levels in 12-15-year-old Secondary School Girls
Li DeguoE5-025The Characteristics of Parent-child Movement and Mental Health of Female Junior High School Students in Grade, Only Child, Parents’ Education Level, Family Conditions and School Area
Hu CuidanE5-026Research on Women’s Sports Development from the Perspective of National Fitness ——Taking Tianjin “38” Health Cups as an Example
Liu TianpeiE5-028Analysis on the Differences of College Students’ Health Promoting Lifestyle, Social Support and Exercise from the Perspective of Gender
Wang LuE5-029Experimental Study on the Effect of Square Dancing on Sleep Quality of Menopausal Women
Yang, Seo-Eun; Muncheong Choi, Kim
Min-Jin, Kim; Jae- won, KyungHoon Kang
Hyungin Cho and Yi, Kyung- Ock
E5-111Reliability of the plantar pressure according to the foot type when walking using a smart insole in female student