Poster presentation THURSDAY – room 2

10:00 – 11:00

Social Science

Moderator: Giovanna de Moura and Liang Qiong

Xu XiuxiuE5-022E5-022
The Historical Significance and Time Value of Chinese Women’s Foot Impact on Olympic Games under the Background of Building a Sports Power in the New Era
Hu RuiE5-023A Survey on Achievement Motivation and Life Satisfaction of Chinese Female Retired Athletes
Tan WenxingE5-027Gender Neutral Sports and Games: The Value and Function of Sports Video Games from the Perspective of Sports Diversity
Wu YongboE5-034Strategic Research on the Development of Chinese Wushu from the Perspective of “Synergy Theory”
Wang ChenglinE5-042Intervention Strategies of School Sports for “Feminization of Male Youth”
Tang WentingE5-046Investigation and Analysis of the Participation of Girls Aged 3-6 years in Tianjin – Based on the Survey Results of the Tianjin Area based on the State of National Fitness Activities
Yuan LiyunE5-048Fitness Practice from the Perspective of Body and Social Theory
Xiu YuE5-044Discussion on Respect for Female Sports in Our Country’s Competitive Sports