Poster presentation THURSDAY – room 3

10:00 – 11:00

Exercise and Sport Training/Traditional Sport, Culture and Dance in Education

Moderator: Beatriz Ferreira and Wang Wei

Chen YuxinE5-054Study on the Influence of the Spirit of Women’s Volleyball Team on Girls’ Sports Consciousness and Behavior under the Background of National Fitness
Jian HuihuiE5-057Gender Differences in Equestrian Sports
Huang WanshengE5-015Investigation and Research on Equestrian Participation from the Perspective of Women in China
Men WeiweiE5-037The Concept and Influence of Women in Indian Classical Dance
Ma DonglingE5-021Impact of Dancesport on Social Skills of Female Adolescents
Li TingE5-036Study on the Influence of Square Dance on the Healthy Life of Rural Women in Zhumadian City
Hao MengqunE5-018Based on the Plight and Path of the Popularization of National Dance from the Perspective of Women
Tarja KrumE5-117Opportunities for Women and Girls in Sports Can Be Achieved with Conscious and Planned Measures