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Webinar Women sport, physiology and health

by Mariam Koushkie (Iran) Please register via this link: Support advice for Zoom: Please try to use either Google Chrome or Firefox for the registration process as these usually work best. If you still face issues for sucessful registry please let us know… Continue Reading “Webinar Women sport, physiology and health”

IAPESGW – Webinar: “Empowering girls and women in sport: Theory to practice glocally” – Wed Dec 14, 2 pm CET (Vienna, Austria)

Join our IAPESGW Webinar on December 14, 2 PM CET (Vienna, Austria) with our speakers Beatriz Ferreira (Brazil), Darlene Kluka (USA), Helena Altmann (Brazil) and Usha Sujit Nair (India).

IAPESGW – Members’ Meeting – Thu Nov 24, 1 pm CEST (Vienna, Austria)

Join our first IAPESGW online Members’ Meeting on Thursday Nov 24, 1 pm. We’ll come together to meet, to present first results of the membership survey & to exchange ideas and needs of our members as a basis for next steps for IAPESGW. Please… Continue Reading “IAPESGW – Members’ Meeting – Thu Nov 24, 1 pm CEST (Vienna, Austria)”

IAPESGW Webinar – “Interpersonal Violence in European Sports” – Wed Oct 19, 12pm CEST

Join our first IAPESGW webinar on the issue of “Interpersonal Violence in European Sports“. Rosa Diketmüller presents results of the “CASES” study and discusses consequences for Physical Education and sports. You are welcome to join and register for the webinar!

Webinar Inspire Showcase 2022 by IWG

Follow the link below to get access to the recording of this yeas inspire showcase hosted by the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG). The online event took place on 12th of July 2022 and was under the motto “Change inspires Change“!… Continue Reading “Webinar Inspire Showcase 2022 by IWG”

Title IX

IAPESGW is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX on 23rd of June ! #demandnine #equityforeveryone Join the campain DEMAND IX on: