Honors & Awards

We award individual members who have made significant, sustained and outstanding contributions to the work of the Association in the areas of scholarly research, demonstrated active leadership, a legacy of positive influence on the lives of girls and women through physical education or Sport Research, a member who has sustained a strong reputation in the field of Dance in Education, and an individuals who have over all outstanding contributions to the Association and its work or values.

Presented the IAPESGW 18th World Congress
Miami, Florida

Awards and Recipients

Honorary Life Member
Tansin Benn (England)
Gertrud Pfister (Germany)

Dorothy Ainsworth Research Award
Anneliese Goslin (South Africa)

Lynn Vendien International Leadership
Carole Oglesby (USA)

Audrey Bambra Legacy Award
Makoto Takahashi (Japan)

Chiyoe Matsumoto Dance Development Award
Elba Maria Kerr (Venezuela)

A New Award:
Margaret Talbot Award
Maryam Jahromi Koushkie (Iran)
Canan Koca (Turkey)
Rohab Shahrian (Iran)
Susi-Kathi Jost (Switzerland)
Eliana Ferreira (Brazil)
Gladys Bequer Díaz (Cuba)
Doreen Solomons (South Africa)