Events & Actions

Through publications, global events, collaboration with other global organizations such as UNESCO, the United Nations and many others, IAPESGW is a key contributor to policies and actions around the world that ensure women and girls have access to physical education, sport and dance — as athletes, scholars and researchers. 

September 8-10, 2021
2021 – 19th Quadrennial IAPESGW World Congress
Promoting Leadership, Empowerment and Sustainability through Sport and Physical Activity
Tianjin, China

February 11, 2021
Combined Statement: IWG, WSI & IAPESGW Respond to Sexist Comment
Global women’s sport advocacy organisations respond to sexist comments by Tokyo 2020 OCOG President, Mr. Yoshiro Mori

September 27, 2019
Launch of Feasibility Study for Global Observatory on Women and Sport
Geneva, Switzerland

September 24-25, 2019
Progress on the Sustainable Development Goals: The Gender Snapshot 2019
New York, New York

July 10-13, 2019
IAPESGW European Regional Congress and 70th Anniversary
Madrid, Spain

June 22, 2018
IAPESGW Statement on IAAF Regulations

March 16, 2017
IOC launch of Gender Equality Review Project
Joint Statement by International Women’s Sport, Physical Education and Physical Activity Organizations

February 11-16, 2008
IAPESGW Accept and Respect Declaration
Study group on physical education and sport for girls and women.
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman

The World of IAPESGW and IAPESGW in the World
Professor Dr. Margaret Talbot OBE President