IAPESGW WEBINAR ‘Women and Sport in Asia’ on Wed, May 17, 9-10:15 pm PHT (Manila, Philippines)

Join our IAPESGW webinar on the situation of “Women and Sport in Asia” and meet the editors of the Routledge book Rosa Lopez de D’Amico (Venezuela), Maria Luisa M. Guinto (Philippines) and Maryam Kouskie Jahromi (Iran).

Presenters at NGO CSW67

Lisa O’Keefe, Rosa Diketmüller, Game Mothibi, Kendra Williams and our moderator Carole Oglesby.

Meeting of the Global Women and Sport Associations – March 7, NY at WSF-Office

IAPESGW joined an interesting day together with WSI (WomenSportInternational), IWG (International Working Group on Women and Sport), TAFISA (The Association For International Sport for All) as guests at the Headoffice of WSF (WomensSportFoundation) in New York. Thanks to these great women for an exiting exchange of ideas and cooperation! (From left: Carole Oglesby, Lisa O’Keefe, Rosa Diketmüller, Game Mothibi, Diane Huffman, Sarah Axelson and Morgan Powell)

International Women’s Day 2023 – IAPESGW at NGO CSW67 Forum on March 8, 12:30-2:00 PM EST (NY)

IAPESGW is celebrating the International Women’s Day 2023 at the United Nations NGO CSW67 Forum (Consensus Status of Women). Together with other global women and sport associations (WSI, IWG, WSF) and TAFISA and ACSM we will discuss in a Panel “Enhancing research, education and advocacy in women’s sport through technology“. Rosa is focusing in her presentation also on the setting of Physical Education.

Register for the session and join on-site or online (NGO CSW67)

Int. Conference on Inclusive Gender Equality in Lausanne

The Global Observatory for Gender Equality and Sport organizes its first International Conference on Inclusive Gender Equality on Feb 1st. IAPESGW was invited to take part and presented in Panel 1: Women Sports: State of the Field the long history of inclusive approaches in IAPESGW since 1949. Rosa Diketmüller und Marianne Meier also contributed to the Strategic Meeting the day before to develop a strategy plan together with other relevant organizations and experts to bring gender equity in sports and Physical Education globally forward.

IAPESGW – Webinar: “Empowering girls and women in sport: Theory to practice glocally” – Wed Dec 14, 2 pm CET (Vienna, Austria)

Join our IAPESGW Webinar on December 14, 2 PM CET (Vienna, Austria) with our speakers Beatriz Ferreira (Brazil), Darlene Kluka (USA), Helena Altmann (Brazil) and Usha Sujit Nair (India).

Join the Zoom Webinar directly via QR or via link: https://univienna.zoom.us/j/67688622134?pwd=U2FjNEQ4ZUlSVmx4ak1xU3pHbmxWUT09 (Meeting-ID: 676 8862 2134 and passcode: 979020 )

Please register via QR or via link: https://univienna.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Mrf-GurDkrGdCFvb2J6mc5F01idAT6NyAn

IAPESGW – Members’ Meeting – Thu Nov 24, 1 pm CEST (Vienna, Austria)

Join our first IAPESGW online Members’ Meeting on Thursday Nov 24, 1 pm. We’ll come together to meet, to present first results of the membership survey & to exchange ideas and needs of our members as a basis for next steps for IAPESGW. Please join and register for the meeting https://univienna.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5Alceyvpj4iHdHFBQFDpGyWfakbOPKyy9dA or join the members’ meeting directly via Zoom link ( Meeting-ID: 648 6578 5875 Passcode: 860864 )

IAPESGW Webinar – “Interpersonal Violence in European Sports” – Wed Oct 19, 12pm CEST

Join our first IAPESGW webinar on the issue of “Interpersonal Violence in European Sports“. Rosa Diketmüller presents results of the “CASES” study and discusses consequences for Physical Education and sports. You are welcome to join and register for the webinar!

WSI and IAPESGW Statement in response to Sports and Rights Alliance article, ‘IOC heeds calls to embed rights’ as appearing in Sportanddev.org website

As major international organizations for women in sport and physical education, we express our deep
concern on the recent article “IOC heeds calls to embed rights” published by Sport and Rights Alliance
(https://sportandrightsalliance.org/olympics-ioc-heeds-calls-) and Sportanddev.org on June 7, 2022

We are in complete agreement that human rights issues need to be addressed across all persons, but
gender-based issues on human rights were absent in the article implying they are no longer a matter of
concern. Social justice for all persons must include mention of issues specific to girls and women. These
issues cannot be merged/submerged into other human rights challenges.

As a consortium of women in sport organizations, we also echo Mr. Eli Wolff’s statement in the article
“Persons with disabilities are a critically affected group in sport and in society and are protected and
recognized by the United Nations and specifically in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with
Disabilities. Persons with disabilities are more than 15 percent of the global population and must be
recognized in the human rights strategies and all equality and nondiscrimination policies of the
International Olympic Committee.” However, it must not be forgotten that girls and women with
disabilities, representing 7.5 percent of the global population, frequently face more precarious issues
than those of their male counterparts.
Additionally, girls and women with disabilities, lesbians and transgender females, Asian Pacific females
and indigenous girls and women are much more prone to be victims of violence and exclusion than their
male counterparts.

This joint statement by WSI and IAPESGW, expresses our deep concerns on the failure to address gender
specific issues for girls and women in sport in the recent article. We are calling for sport for
development (S4D) professionals, as well as the IOC, to include girls and women as one of the critical
populations (i.e., particularly at-risk populations) within all emerging Human Right Strategic
Frameworks. Girls and women in sport and other marginalized social groups (e.g., disability, race,
ethnicity, religion, and language) are confronted with layers of oppression often referred to as
intersectionality. The gender-based issues should not be silently embedded into other issues. These are
far from ‘settled’ issues and need to be addressed clearly and separately by the sport for development
community as well as the elite sport ecosystem.

Carole A. Oglesby, PhD, PhD, S4D professional
Diane Huffman, President WomenSport International
Rosa Diketmuller, President IAPESGW