IAPESGW likes to thank these inspiring and impactful women for their impressive work they have done for girls and women in Physical Education, physical activity, sports and dance globally! May their souls rest in peace!

Prof. Patricia Bowen-West 1926 – 2022
IAPESGW President 1989 – 1997
Honorary Life Member

We got notice, that our former IAPESGW President, Prof. Patricia Bowen-West, has passed away in 2022.
‘Pat’ Bowen-West guided the association through challenging times and is known as a resilient communicator.
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Prof. Ute Wasmund-Bodenstedt 1935 – 2022
IAPESGW Executive Board Member 1985 – 1993
Country Representative for Germany

We got notice, that our former Executive Board Member, Prof. Ute Wasmund-Bodenstedt, has passed away in January 2022.
Ute Wasmund-Bodenstedt served the association as national representative of Germany and member of the executive board for several years with her outstanding expertise in promoting girls and women in sport. Read more about her feminist background and life.
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Prof. Chiyoe Matsumoto 1920 – 2022
IAPESGW Vice President 1985 – 1993
Honorary Life Member of IAPESGW (1993)
Donator “IAPESGW Chiyoe Matsumoto Dance Development Award”

We got notice, that our Honorary Life Member, former Executive Board Member and vice-President Prof. Chioye Matsumoto passed away in 2022 in the age of 102 years.
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