From the Communications Director – MAY/JUNE 2021

Women are Overlooked in Sports Leadership

Every day, around the globe, women continue to be overlooked for most leadership positions of international sporting federations. Sports journalist, Tracey Holmes, conducted her own research to find, “a quick perusal of the history of some of the major sports shows you have more chance of becoming an international sports federation president if your name is Louis, Thomas, Henri, Erik, Jules, Walter or Robert, (or if you have the title ‘Lord’ or ‘Count’), than if you are a woman.”

For example, GAISF, the Global Association of International Sports Federations has 95 full members and 20 associate members. Only 5 of them are led by women.

On a related topic, the Harvard Business Review is asking, why do so many incompetent men become leaders?

Recommended Reading

Gender-based leadership gaps are the reasons why the recent launch of the Guidelines for Gender-responsive Sports Organizations is so important. Read our report from Rosa Lopez de D’Amico and link to the launch by UN Women Turkey.

May/June International Update

You’ll find broad coverage of women in sport topics, lots on physical activity, sexuality and gender ethics, international sport systems, major announcements, new research and reports.

IAPESGW International Congress is Almost Here

Reminding you about our upcoming hybrid 19th Quadrennial IAPESGW International Congress, 8-10 September 2021, at Tianjin University of Sport, China. Keynote speakers and panels are almost finalised. To attend the IAPESGW World Congress it is necessary to register for the Congress as a member of IAPESGW. Be sure to complete the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and PAY MEMBERSHIP DUES. If you are a member of IAPESGW there is no cost to participate in the Congress. Membership is good for four years, 2021-2025.

Summer Olympics

With less than a month to the start of the Tokyo Olympics, and shortly thereafter the Paralympics, our very best wishes and thoughts are with Japan as they host their Games amidst a pandemic. Having spent $12 billion on the Games, we sincerely hope that all goes well for the athletes, participants, organizers, visitors and the host country.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!
Janice Crosswhite OAM

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