— Poster presentation — FRIDAY – room 1

18:00 – 19:00

Social Science

Moderator: Lissa Moti and Yang Yue

Karin Volkwein-Caplan and Selen RazonE5-113Women United – Immigration and Integration through Sports
Maria Dinold and Hanna TurunenE5-114ALIISA – All in – International Inclusive Society in Arts
Selen Razon and Karin Volkwein-CaplanE5-115Imagery and Physical Activity: Can Imagery Help Physical Activity Adherence in Women?
Li HaoweiE5-053“Ta Kung Pao” Shows the Development of Female Sports in Modern Tianjin
Bo YifanE5-016The Hidden Injustice Faced by Female Athletes in Olympic Games — Based on the Perspective of Gender Differences
Li CongE5-049Study on the Status and Countermeasures of Women’s Physical Exercise in Urban Areas of Tianjin — Based on the Analysis of the Survey Results of National Fitness Activities in Tianji
Y u JunlingE5-012Study on the Development of Ladies’ Chin Woo Athletic Association and the Contribution of Outstanding Women